Happy 2018, Facebook friends! We hope you all had a wonderful and restful holiday with your friends and family.

Over the break, we spent lots of quality family time together; we did tons of reading, playing board games and crafting. I got to thinking about how important playing and practicing is for our little ones. Activities that we think are just fun can also be viewed as skill-building:

  • Reading: Duh. this is a no brainer. Practice makes perfect, especially for new readers. My six year old is really into “shared reading” – she reads a page, I read a page, etc. This type of reading is beneficial in three ways: practicing phonics, modeling reading, and sharing…all good things!
  • Board games: Gosh, there are so many benefits to board games! Turn-taking, conversations about being a good loser/winner, using problem-solving, being creative – the list goes on!
  • Crafting: My 8 year old is super into bracelet making right now. I think she got three different kits for Christmas. These types of activities not only build creative thinking, but also work on fine-motor skills. One of the kits is super intense and she needs to do a lot of planning to make the bracelet; this type of forward thinking is a great problem-solving skill.

What types of skill-building activities did your family enjoy over the break?

–Lee Sizer, M. Ed

Educational Diagnostician

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