Easy Made Summer Reading Activities

It’s officially summertime! Time for pools, splash pads, sprinklers, and all things water related to keep cool. What goes great with relaxing in the summer sun? Reading! As adults we love to read for fun. It is a great escape from reality. For children with reading differences, it isn’t much of an escape but more of a requirement to keep reading over the summer months. Why not make reading fun? Here are a two sight word activities we are using at Peak Evaluations Summer Tutoring to boost those reading spirits. Sight words are words that a student is expected to know without having to sound them out. They should quickly come to mind when reading and writing. There are sight words like Fry’s 100, based on grade levels, that could be a good starting point for your child. 

Sight Word Knockout Remember the carnival game with stacked cups? That’s what this game is all about. Write a sight word on each cup; we use dixie cups. Have your child read the word. If they get it right, it gets stacked. If they don’t, tell them the word and then put it back in the stack to be read again. Once they have a pyramid of cups (3 bottom, 2 middle, 1 top) then it is time to KNOCK THEM DOWN! We use a stress ball to knock over the cups, but you can use whatever will not break your lamps. LOL. Continue to read words and stack pyramids until all the words are read.

Sight Word Leap– Use the same sight words and write them on index cards. Spread the cards out on the floor, grass, sidewalk, etc. Have your child leap from word to word, saying them aloud. If they say the word correctly, pick it up. If not, say the word to them and leave it for another leap.