The Child Who Can’t Sit Still

We were talking the other day at the office about our kids being “wildlings”. Our kids range in ages from threenager to elementary age but we can share similar stories of “the child who can’t sit still”. Sometimes this burst of energy, into everything, and impulsivity is due to age and maturity level. Sometimes it can be more, like ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is genetic, meaning that it runs in families. If you or a family member were impulsive, lacked focus (no matter how hard you tried), or had difficulty following through with things growing up, chances are your child may show similar signs.

Sometimes children are very aware of their differences.

They may relate them to being dumb, wrong, or not good enough. It is best to talk with your child about these behaviors AND come up ways to work around them so they do not interfere with learning and life. And don’t forget to keep praising your child for when they do listen or sit still through dinner – a little praise can go a long way when children are feeling like they “can’t” most of the time.

Here are some books we have read with our children about hyperactivity that you could share with yours. If you have concerns about your child’s attention and need additional support, feel free to reach out to us. info@peakevaluations.com We are here to help!

(Be Quiet, Mike!)

(David Gets in Trouble) (David Goes to School)

What books have you shared about people being unique and special in their own ways?

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