Kindergarten Readiness: What Does That Even Mean?

So your little baby is grown up. *cue the sobs* They grow up so fast. Now you are looking into the not-so-distant future and your darling will start Kindergarten August 2018.

WOW! Are they ready? How do you even get them “ready”?

We can help you with this conundrum.

Many private schools require a cognitive assessment for all students entering their school, including Kindergarteners. The cognitive evaluation gives a picture of your child’s thinking abilities (a full scale IQ) and guides the adults (teachers and parents) with how the student may learn. Although a cognitive assessment isn’t required for public school entry, it can be very beneficial to have a baseline of learning and to know beforehand how your child learns best.

At Peak Evaluations, LLC we go beyond just the full scale IQ assessment. We also will work with your child to understand where they are in terms of academics: reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition, we assess other areas, including: attention, social interactions, focus, and motivation while working with your child.

After all of the information and assessment have been gathered/conducted, we will sit with you and review the results, but more importantly, provide you with recommendations to help your child flourish in the classroom and home setting.

Example Recommendation:

Susie has the hardest time getting ready every morning. It’s the same battle, “Where are your shoes? Did you go potty? Do you have your backpack and lunch? Why are you back in your room playing with your dolls? We need to go, please come get your breakfast…”

Susie needs a picture schedule. She needs to feel a little bit of control of her mornings but that control needs to be organized. Providing a picture schedule that is in the same place will help Susie move through her morning. Think of your checklist that you mentally make every morning. Susie needs to see how time management works and how schedules help with routines. Her picture schedule should have a picture for each expectation and an empty box next to the picture. The empty box can have velcro in it. Then take a photo of Susie and attach the other side of the velcro. Now Susie will move herself down the schedule as she completes the items on her checklist. Soon, she will not need the list and she will go through the morning in a routine manner and you will have a chance to enjoy that cup of coffee. 🙂

If you are curious to know if your child is ready for Kindergarten, or if your child has just turned four but you want a head start with helping your child grow, give us a call or shoot us an email. info@peakevaluations.com

–Lindsey Binford, M. Ed

Educational Diagnostician

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